Pet Urgent Care and Emergencies in Town Center of Virginia Beach, VA

If your pet is having an urgent or potentially emergent medical problem during our office hours, give us a call right away at (757) 473-8560 so our team can help you. We might recommend bringing your pet into our hospital immediately for treatment, or we’ll offer advice and have you schedule an appointment with us the following day.

Independence Veterinary Hospital can do same-day appointments and drop offs for pets with urgent medical issues such as, but not limited to coughing, allergic reactions, fever, parasites, vomiting, or limping. Call us in advance so we can guide you on what to do next and prepare for your arrival if we need to see your pet right away.

After-Hours Emergency Vet Referrals

For after-hours pet emergencies (or situations in which we believe your pet would receive the best care at an emergency-focused hospital), we recommend these facilities:

If your pet ingests something you believe to be poisonous, please call the ASPCA Poison Control 24 Hour Hotline at 1-888-426-4435.
*Phone consult fee required, please be prepared with credit card*

Signs of a Pet Emergency

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our hospital if your pet is having any of the following problems:

  • Continuous vomiting/diarrhea

  • Difficulty breathing (panting, heaving, wheezing, etc.)

  • Ingested a poison or toxin

  • Possibly suffered broken bones

  • Attacked by a wild animal

  • Collapse

  • Weak and unresponsive

  • Painful to touch