Pet Surgery: Spay and Neuter and More in Town Center of Virginia Beach, VA

We care for your four-legged family with the skill and empathy they deserve, because we would want exactly the same for our own pets. Independence Veterinary Hospital has a dedicated surgical suite where we can perform spays and neuters, mass removals, bladder procedures, and more using the highest-grade medical and monitoring equipment. Our licensed veterinary technicians and assistants support our veterinarians during every surgery, keeping a close eye on your pet and making sure they’re as comfortable as they are safe.

If you need to schedule a pet surgery or follow-up visit, call (757) 473-8560 or request an appointment online.

Why are Spay and Neuter Surgeries Important?

If we recommend surgery for your pet, we do so because the benefits far outweigh any potential risks. Spay and neuter procedures are commonplace due to how they benefit our patients but also the greater pet community here in Virginia Beach. We’re dedicated to improving as many animal lives as possible by reducing overpopulation and increasing the longevity of dogs and cats.

Some of the most notable benefits of spay and neuter surgeries include:

  • No unplanned puppy or kitten litters

  • The reduction or prevention of reproductive cancers in female dogs and cats (mammary gland tumors, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer)

  • The reduction or prevention of cancers in male dogs and cats (enlarged prostate, testicular cancer)

  • No more heat cycle for females

  • The reduction or prevention of hormonal behaviors (aggressiveness, vocalizing, spraying, roaming)

What to Expect with Your Pet’s Surgery

There are several things we want you to be assured of when your pet is seeing us for surgery.

Safety is Our Highest Priority

We uphold an elevated safety standard with every pet surgery we perform. That means every pet is given careful attention and receives treatment tailored to their health history, current condition, breed, weight, and other factors. Anesthesia, IV fluids, and pain management are all customized to their needs.

Comfort is Equally Important

While your dog or cat is undergoing surgery, we provide them with heat support to keep their body temperature within a healthy range. Additionally, we customize your pet’s pain control so that when they wake up, they’ll feel minimal discomfort and stress.

We’ll Answer All Your Questions

During and after your pet’s surgery, our team will keep you informed about your pet’s condition and let you know when they’re ready to go home with you. When you come to pick up your pet, we’ll answer any questions you have, provide care instructions for you to follow at home, and, if needed, give you oral pain medication for your pet to take at home to ease their recovery. We also encourage you to call us if you have further questions or concerns about your pet.